The Benefits of Sod for Your Landscape

Laying sod is the easiest and quickest way to achieve an “instant lawn”. Compared to the alternative approach, which is seeding, sod is less expensive in the long run. With seeding you not only pay for the seed, but incur other costs due to loss through erosion, wind, birds eating the seeds, reseeding, and watering. It takes 3 weeks for the seeds to germinate and it often does not fill in completely, leaving patches of little or no grass, and a lot of weeds.

The following are benefits of sod in Utah for homeowners:

Prevents Erosion & Provides Filtration – An established lawn prevents soil erosion and since sod is fully grown when it is laid, it prevents soil erosion immediately, and is ideal to install on steep grades and slopes for this reason. Lawns filter dust and dirt and absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen in exchange. In fact, grass could be considered an oxygen generating machine. An area of only 25 square feet of sod will provide enough oxygen for one person per day. Lawns also reduce noise pollution and reduce water runoff from storms.

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Reduces Heat – Grass reduces the temperature of the air because it takes in the sun’s heat in the daytime and then releases it at night. It’s not your imagination that grass feels cool to the touch on a hot summer day. The process is called evapotranspiration and each blade of grass plays a role in it. In addition, due to the uneven surface of the grass blades, the sun’s light is reflected off, reducing glare. Lawn grass is efficient at cooling that it’s surface will be up to 15 degrees cooler than that of an identical area of concrete.

Other Benefits – Sod can be laid anytime except when the ground is frozen. It is easy to install and requires less water to establish than does grass seed. Sod provides a soft and clean surface for children and pets to play on. A well-maintained landscape increases a home’s equity and selling potential.

In many parts of the country, including sod in Salt Lake City, the leading type of turfgrass is Kentucky Bluegrass. It is a favorite due to its fine-blade turf which withstands heavy use and foot traffic. It is very tolerant of temperature extremes and is extremely drought tolerant. It is the ideal choice for homes with animals, children, and heavy foot traffic.


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